Thursday, January 4, 2007

Surprise present

Today I found a package in the mail.
I was puzzled, because I had no idea who it was from, and didn't recall ordering anything for myself. It was in a 9 x 6 padded envelope, and the contents felt flat and square, like a CD.
"Oooh," I thought. "Someone sent me a CD for my birthday! I wonder what it is! I wonder who it's from!"
The return address was from some company, so I figured the sender had placed an order online or through a snail-mail catalog.
Excitedly, I opened the package....
And laughed.
It was from someone who (I suppose) is my very best friend.... ME!
I'd totally forgotten about winning this auction on e-bay a couple weeks ago and buying this CD I really REALLY wanted. Forgot all about it! So when it arrived, it was kinda like receiving a surprise present from myself! (Hooray for memory loss; it creates embarrassing confusion nice surprises sometimes! Now what's my name again? Have we met?)

Oh, and in case you're wondering what the CD is.... it's the soundtrack to A View To A Kill. During my last visit with Morgen and Lee, we watched a few more Bond movies, one of which was this one. I quickly fell in love with the music. I LOVED the gorgeous instrumental arrangements. The background music in the beginning when he's skiing.... and later on when he's... well, pretty much through the whole thing. But especially there are some terrific french horn parts. I knew I simply HAD to find the soundtrack, so I could enjoy all this orchestral goodness in the privacy of my own home.
So I went on e-bay and found one... honestly I don't do a lot of e-bay these days, 'cause I really don't have money to spare, but in this case I made an exception.
And I'm glad I did!
I'm listening to the CD right now as I type this. I love it. The french horn parts are amazing, and I've gotten goose bumps more than once! I would LOVE to play these pieces in an orchestra.
My favorite tracks on the CD are:
(#1) Main Title (View To A Kill, performed by Duran Duran)
(#2) Snow Job
(#8) He's Dangerous
(#14) Golden Gate Fight
Except for the Duran Duran piece, all tracks are purely instrumental/orchestral. The composer is John Barry.
Gotta go; there are a few more goose bumps to enjoy. :)


Skittles said...

That's so funny!

Desert Songbird said...

NO ONE knows how to buy gifts for ourselves better than ourselves.

Great surprise.