Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Yankee Candle Scents

I got a Yankee Candle catalog in the mail. It has some 'scratch and sniff' pages in it, so people can sample the new scents.

Here are the ones I liked:
Midnight Cove
Island Spa
Lemon Lavender
Macintosh & Peach

Ones I didn't care one way or the other about:
Juicy Peach
Spring Bouquet
Good Morning
Peach & Sweet Berries

Ones I positively despised:
Willow Breeze
Meadow Blossoms
Vanilla Lime (smells like Play-Doh)


NoMas said...

Their candles smell so good. I like Honeydew Melon!

Morgen said...

Like Play-doh! D'oh!

I want to smell the lemon lavender!

hmmm-- why don't we get the Yankee Candle catalog? Every time I spend a hundred bucks in their store, they confirm my address???????

kyle said...

I LOVE both the Macintosh and Peach scents a WHOLE ton!