Tuesday, January 16, 2007

More Musical Ramblings

At band tonight, we rehearsed the new piece I wrote...
And I'm happy to say it went well!
There are still some nitpicky things I've gotta do, like re-transpose the treble clef euphonium/baritone part (somehow it didn't end up transposed right the first time).... and maybe double up the tenor sax part in a few places... but hey, overall, I'm satisfied. I think after a few good rehearsals, we can have this thing reasonably polished up. If I remember correctly, our next concert will be February 27th, which is just over a month away! Then we have another concert in May sometime. I don't know if this piece will be in the February concert or the May concert.
It's a scary thing, to hear a roomful of people sightreading music that you've written. All those people, playing these notes that previously only existed in your head (and on your computer. :)
Scary and exciting.
I'll keep you all posted on how things go.


Desert Songbird said...

Cool experience! Must be similar the experience I had when I had my first article published.

Steven Novak said...

Glad things are going well!

I have no idea what you're talking bout when you talk music lingo though...

None. :)


Matt-Man said...

Way to go Janna...Keep it going.

Morgen said...

your euphonium is shining through


I'm with steve, much of this is over my addled-brain, but I am so happy that you have an outlet where you can have REAL people playing music you wrote! How cool is that!

kyle said...

I thought it was great! I mean..it was a little out of tune in parts(a reality with any ensemble), and we were sightreading and botching a few nots(a reality with any ensemble) but all in all...it really is a great piece. I'm kinda biased as you know...I love everything that you've written and am always eager to play your inspirations. I was curious one day..and I was wondering if you ever considered Celtic Harp(or any accompanying instrument) and Voice..something with a baritonish range..*cough*..or a Baritone and Alto something(*cough me and Morgian*Cough) and some accompanying instrument for the spring concert? hmm? You can tell me if it's a bad idea lol I'll be ok. anyways..have a great week!