Saturday, December 23, 2006

What's Janna doing?

Hello, everyone!
Sorry I didn't post yesterday.
Our 2nd rehearsal was last night, and all went well. Some of our carols will be accompanied by a huge pipe organ (it's happening in a church), and the sound is amazing. I love the loud deep rumble of the low notes. As one of the trumpeters said, "Unless you can feel the organ notes vibrating in your teeth, it's not loud enough!" :)
Tonight my folks and I are driving around in the city of Jackson to look at the Christmas lights. We really don't celebrate Christmas, but we still have this tradition every year. We go out for dinner and spend the evening admiring all the elaborate displays of lights. The Jackson County Fairgrounds has an elaborate display set up every year, all over the premises-- kind of a "drive through" display with all kinds of colorful animated stuff. It's become part of our tradition.
Normally we'd be doing this on Christmas Eve, but since my brass performance is that night, we're doing our light-tour tonight instead.
So that's what I'm up to, in case you find yourself wondering. :)

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Morgen said...

Yes, actually, I WAS wondering.
I still find it amusing, every time I hear this story, that your parents, who don't celebrate Christmas -- drive around in a yearly tradition of looking at Christmas lights! :)