Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wanted: Cerebral Beano

I had a brain fart today.
I was driving home from Jackson, kinda zoning out mentally, like we all do during monotonous car trips. Somehow it gradually dawned on me that I'd forgotten where my turn signal was. I knew it was on one of the thingies that sticks out from the steering column, but somehow I had zoned out so much I just couldn't remember which was which. I wasn't sleepy or anything, just momentarily inexplicably incoherent. Like there was a roadblock somewhere in my head and I just couldn't THINK.
(I swear, I was completely sober!)
Isn't that an odd thing to forget? I mean, I drive somewhere almost every day, certainly the location of the turn-signal would be adequately cemented in my brain, right?
I didn't panic or anything; I just kept driving and sort of sat there in a fascinating moment of self-analysis, amazed at this sudden strange deficit in my memory. It was dark and there was no one else on the road at that moment, so I thought what the heck, I'll just GUESS and see if I'm right.
I flipped the thingy I thought was the turn signal...
And the windshield wipers came on.

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Morgen said...

You make me feel sane -- er, not alone in my weirdness -- yes, that's what I mean...
I've done almost the same thing -- except mine was "I don't remember how to turn on the 'brights'" For YEARS, my bright-headlight button was on the floor, and you tapped it with your foot (I don't know why, ask Chevrolet) but in the Vibe, it's on the turn signal wand -- but after the time change and it was dark driving home from work, I instinctively\oiu 2222222222222 (that was Chloe tryng to help me type) I tapped the floor where the button was not, and could not remember where the switch was!

ho ho homo

ps = wizziker is looking in the pink again -- must be all those t-bones I've been giving him while waiting for your next brain fart --- er, I mean your next post!!!!