Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That Are Incredibly Annoying:
1) Slow Internet connections
2) High gas prices
3) Having to pay more than 10 cents for a photocopy
4) Tailgaters
5) Loud Disobedient Children Whose Parents Are Ignorant About Discipline
6) Night driving with bright headlights glaring in my face
7) Slow customer service
8) Rush Limbaugh
9) Seat belt laws
10) Temperatures given in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit
11) Any sport that involves a ball of any kind
12) Marches by John Philip Sousa (especially if you play french horn)
13) Voting for John Kerry and getting George Bush instead


onionboy said...

what sport doesn't involve a ball?

Janna said...

Indy Car racing!

Aisby said...

I'm with you on everything except #11. I couldn't live without college football.

Morgen said...

I was going to say Horse Racing.

How about swimming?
Ice skating?
The luge.
Fencing (with epees, not around your yard!)
and of course
under-water basket weaving.

ho ho ho