Thursday, December 7, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Yummy Things To Do With Pasta:
1) Spaghetti and meatballs

2) Vegetarian lasagna with alfredo sauce

3) Mostaccioli with spicy Italian sausage

4) Turkey tetrazzini

5) Macaroni and cheese

6) Deep-fried macaroni and cheese

7) Ravioli

8) Cheese Tortellini

9) Tuna casserole

10) Chicken gravy & noodles

11) Beef stroganoff over noodles

12) Pasta primavera

13) Lo mein noodles

Requirements for yumminess: No onions, no zucchini or any other type of icky squash bits.

Bonus Thursday Thirteen-- Junk Mail Edition:
13 Subject Lines of Actual Spam Messages In My Inbox:
1) 5 inches is not enough
2) Include Anal Promises Paying
3) How U Doing
4) Can you be hypnotized
5) No more moles, warts, or skin tags
6) Best love drugs at best store!
7) Claim your $3000 credit card today
8) There is no family like your family
9) Get your Tickle Me Elmo
10) Get Started, It's free
11) At do powder
12) Do you have PS3 yet?
13) Are you still with short weenie?


Morgen said...

honey, you need a spam filter on your e-mail!
and by spam filter, I'm not talkiing a net to catch canned spork!
mmmm.... grilled spam & cheese sounds good right now.
It's not even 11am and I'm ready for lunch!
ho ho ho

Matt-Man said...

Damn It Janna. I quit eating pasta almost entirely and I love it so...Oh the torture!!

Cincy Diva said...

Nothing from Nigeria, asking for your financial help?

Morgen said...

no icky squash bits?
now you're boycotting another vegetable, you evil onion hater, you...
I guess that Swiss Colony Squash & Onion Loaf that I ordered for you will just go to waste...