Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen X 2

Thirteen Actors I Like:

1) David Hyde Pierce
2) Johnny Depp
3) Jon Cryer
4) Charlie Sheen
5) Orlando Bloom
6) Patrick Stewart
7) Armin Shimerman
8) Liam Neeson
9) Thom Bray
10) John C. McGinley
11) Sean Connery
12) Robin Williams
13) John DeLancie

And, just because I feel bloggerifically prolific today, here are thirteen more:
14) John M. Jackson
15) Tim Curry
16) Bob Newhart
17) John Cleese
18) John Lithgow
19) Dwight Schultz
20) Michael Keaton
21) Christopher Walken
22) Steven Culp
23) Jeff Goldblum
24) Will Smith
25) Brent Spiner
26) Peter MacNicol


Morgen said...

How did I KNOW that Armin Shimerman would make your list?
great TT!

Andrea said...

I think I can agree with you on all 26 of them :) Especially Johnny Depp :)

Happy TT

Morgiana Le Fey said...

remember...jeff goldblum is watching you poop...

Desert Songbird said...

So what's your criteria here? Talent alone? Looks and talent? Hotness factor?

As far as the ability to light my fuse, I'd agree with Depp, Bloom, Stewart, Neeson, Connery, and Curry. As far as sheer talent, I'd agree with many of these as well.

Hmm, I don't know you well, but I detect a very strong Star Trek presence here -- but no mention of Michael Dorn! Love that man...

Janna said...

Morgen: OF COURSE he made the list!:)
Andrea: Wow, all 26? Great!
Morgian: Eeewwwww, I'd forgotten about that!
Desert Songbird: As long as I like to watch them, for any reason, I included them.... Some are there because they're good at making me laugh, others are there because they're hot, others are just REALLY good at what they do... and some are a combination of all of the above! :)