Saturday, December 23, 2006

Smart or Stoopid?

Here, go take this test.
I found it at Onionboy's blog (and have shamelessly stolen it for my own personal blog-usage... oops. Hopefully he will forgive me).
I took it, and scored a 27.
It doesn't give you time to really think about the answers... if you take too long, it skips over it automatically and takes you to the next question! So I felt really rushed!


Morgen said...

Okay, I scored a 27 also.
I was relieved to see the average score was 17, so I felt somewhat superior, especially after yelling at the computer screen about the rap question.
I mean, a rap question is a good indicator of IQ???
Oh, I beg to differ!

ho ho ho

Janna said...

I wondered about that too!
AND the beer question! Since when do I know anything about beer?

Morgen said...

yeah, I'm pretty sure I missed the beer question, too. So, if we was ganstas with expensive bar tabs, we'd be smarta ho's?

who comes up with those questions??

T'lia said...

I got an 18. :-(
I feel a bit stupid, but thought that I was getting them right when I picked them and therefore felt smart while I was doing it.

I wish it showed you the answers!

A few of the questions are a little biased towards people from America, which I am not. So that didn't help.

I hear that you guys have weaker beer and such there, and how the hell would I know the distances between American cities? Or where Hollywood is. I couldn't give a rats.

Anyway, it was still enjoyable, and got me thinking, seeing as I only just woke up. :-P


Skittles said...

That's a great score! I got 21..

Janna said...

T'Lia: I agree, I wish it showed us the answers!
Skittles: Hi, there, welcome!
Morgen: So if I'd been a gangsta with a bar tab, I coulda gotten into Harvard? NOW y'tell me.