Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Saving Camel-Girl

Today during a chat, I mentioned to Morgen how thirsty I was, (twice), and he said "Well, why don't you get something to drink, Camelgirl?"
(Note to self: Change secret identity tomorrow).
There wasn't anything in the house to drink except tomato juice, and I really wasn't in the mood for that, though last night I broke down and had a glass anyway.
Today, finally, the stores opened back up after their holiday hiatus, and I was able to pick up some beverages.
I think I may have gone a little bit overboard, but dammit, I was really thirsty!!!
Here's what I got:
Bottle of Faygo Raspberry-Blueberry soda
Bottle of Cranberry Sierra Mist
2 bottles of Snapple Green Apple White Tea
Bottle of Snapple Nectarine White Tea
2 bottles of Lipton Citrus Green Tea
Bottle of Everfresh "Peach-Plum-Pear" juice
Bottle of Everfresh Lime Punch
This is certainly enough to keep me peeing well into 2007.
Thus Camel-Girl has been saved from imminent dehydration.


Morgen said...

First: I love the new template! totally awesome!!!
The background and the new header are so "you"!!!
I also love the camelgirl picture that you did, where it looks like your the goddess of the desert. Or a face in the sandstorm about to devour the bedouins!
Great assortment of beverages!
you mentioned we were chatting, but not that it was your FIRST gmail chat! Yes, that I got your chat cherry! Ha!

onionboy said...

camelgirl and onionboy! bravely saving the world from good smells and fresh breath!