Sunday, December 3, 2006

Santa studies gravity

Next project: find out which screaming toddlers can fly...
Hey, how do we know until we try?


Matt-Man said...

We could also study which Bush Administration official can fly...BTW, good onion rings are so hard to come by.

Morgen said...

Clementine's in South Haven has the BEST onion rings in the world!
(okay, at least in Michigan!)

When I went out to breakfast yesterday morning, there was a toddler sitting half a restarant away who kept going "goody goody goody goody goody goody goody goody" the ENTIRE freakin' time I was there.
The adults there totally ignored it.
I was ready to see if the goody brat could fly through the plate glass window!

Christine said...

Sick, sick, sick....

Janna, I love that photo of you on your profile~ there is something almost balletic (is that a word? is now) about its grace.

Steven Novak said...

You can't argue his logic. ;)


Janna said...

Matt-man: Excellent idea!
Morgen: I hate it when parents just ignore stuff like that. Hel-LO, your kid is ANNOYING us, so DO something about it or just stay home! I feel your pain, Morgen. Really.
Christine: How sweet! Thank you!
Steve: He's brilliant-- brilliant I tell you.