Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ew! Ew! Ewwww!

Morgen told me this stuff existed, and I just didn't wanna believe it...
But yes, Virginia, there is a road-kill-stew, and it's called "Burgoo".
Here's a story ALLLLL about it.

Sample paragraph:
"But unlike Brunswick stew, which has been embraced by epicures, burgoo is just a generation removed from its roots as a roadkill-and-veggie ragout. Indeed, in the late 1990s, during the scare over mad cow disease, health officials warned Kentuckians to stop eating squirrel brains, which, like squirrel meat, remains a something of a delicacy here."

It's a sad world when people actually have to be TOLD not to eat squirrel brains.


Skittles said...

Oh sick sick sick lol

Morgen said...

damnation, burgoo jus' ain't the same without the brains, missy!!!

Christine said...

Gee, I guess we were too suburbanized~ we never ate squirrel or turtle or even mutton, though of course, I've heard of the squirrel brains delicacy.
But you can't convince me we're the only state in the world that eats burgoo!