Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Concerts and other musical things

Our concert was tonight!
I just got home.
Everything went well (Or pretty darn close to everything, at least).
We won't start rehearsing for the next concert til January, so we'll have a bit of a vacation between now and then.
Our next concert will probably be close to late February.
I've been thinking of composing something for it. I've written music for the band before (which we actually performed at one of the concerts), as well as smaller ensemble pieces which were also performed. It's a strange combination of both exhilarating and draining. Exhilaration from the creative process, but frustration from the fact that when it's performed, it never sounds quite exactly the same way it did in my head.
Anyway, I think I'm ready to go through it all again for the next concert.
One thing I did a couple months ago was give a blank page of music-manuscript paper to my friend Lee, (who doesn't read music at all) and asked him to just make a bunch of random dots on the staves. I wanted to see if I could take those dots and somehow group them together into a piece for the band. It's going to be hard, but I'm really interested in giving it a try. If I can actually pull this off, there will be some therapeutic peace in knowing I organized something out of chaos.
Now if I could just do that in the rest of my life as well....


Morgiana Le Fey said...

what a great idea! hehe...kinda like the world's hardest connect the dots...hehehe...it'd definitely be interesting to see what you pull off with that! as always, i am in complete favor of another janna-composition...preferably with prominent euphonium...*ahem*...

Morgen said...

music from chaos
you could be the female Phillip Glass


I don't know what a "prominent euphonium" is, but I'd bet I'd like one on an herbal stud!

good luck with your composition!