Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen, (one day late)

Yesterday I forgot to do a Thursday Thirteen, so here it is, one day late. Sorry if I ruined anyone's blurfing schedule or caused any of you to lose your already-tenuous faith in me. I promise to do some appropriate form of cyber-penance.

Thirteen Things I'd Buy If I Had Two Hundred Bucks I HAD To Spend NOW:
1. Big bag of Iams Cat Food for the furry residents of the household.
2. Box of 16 cartridges of Levenger "Cardinal Red" fountain pen ink
3. Cherry sundae topping and Lime sherbet.
4. Dinner at El Chapaulin in Adrian.
5. Leather hand-guard for my french horn.
6. Lunch at Sir Pizza in Jackson.
7. Apple Cider Tea from The Wren's Nest.
8. Juniper Citrus candle from The Wren's Nest.
9. A tank of gas.
10. A funny book to make me laugh.
11. Book of stamps from the post office.
12. Dinner at Clementine's with Lee and Morgen.
13. A 22-oz Yankee Candle, in the "clean cotton" scent.


Anonymous said...

I ate at Clementines last weekend. Love the foot-o-rings!!! Especially with a good dark beer. Yay.


Morgen said...

Yes, the onion rings at Clementines are deeeliciouso!
In fact, they were just voted as the #1 Appetizer in the local newspaper annual Favorites Of SouthWest Michigan poll.
But, sadly, the Wren's Nest was NOT anyone's favorite gift store -- do you know who was voted number one??? Target!


Annelisa said...

you got some good priorities - food, ink and candles :-) oh, and fuel to get to where it's all at!