Wednesday, November 1, 2006

So, would you like chili, chili, or chili?

There's one other semi-humorous thing about last weekend that I forgot to mention.
Sunday, Lee asked me what I wanted for dinner. He gave me three choices:
1) Beef stew over biscuits
2) Chicken & gravy over biscuits
3) Chili over biscuits.
I immediately replied "CHICKEN!" Didn't even have to think twice. The other two choices did not grab me at all. (And who the heck eats chili over biscuits, anyway??)
Well, awhile later I found out that we were going to have chili.
"What the heck??" I thought. "Why bother to ask my preference if you aren't going to make it?"
Lee's reason was that chili was the only one of the three options that they actually had in the house. (Why offer the other two as options, then??)
Morgen's reason was that he had "vetoed" my decision and voted for chili. (Again, why bother to ask me, then?)
Plus, we went to the store that afternoon, so really, any ingredients could easily have been procured. (chicken, gravy, etc...).
And yes, I admit the chili was decent, nice and garlicky. (I would've liked it a little hotter, but Lee & Morgen don't share my preference for heat.) Still, the chicken is what I was really in the mood for.
Not a big deal, of course.... I can shake my head and laugh about it. I just think it's weird. :)
Next time, when Lee/Morgen gives me a choice, I'll just pick something totally different from the available choices:

Lee: "Whaddya want for dinner? Chili, Chicken, or Beef stew?"
Me: "Let's start out with a nice appetizer of stuffed mushrooms, then a savory entree of shrimp scampi and crab cakes. Perhaps a side salad with plenty of croutons and fresh raspberry vinaigrette. For dessert, dutch chocolate cheesecake drizzled with Belgian chocolate fudge. For the beverage, a strawberry daquiri would be great. And let's watch some male strippers while we eat, too."

Hey, if I'm not gettin' it anyway, I might as well have fun asking for it, right? :)


Anonymous said...

Yes, I used my super-veto power on this.
I don't know why Lee asked you, by the way, when we didn't have stuff in the house for the others. We'd talked about having chili on Sunday night days earlier. I think he was just messing with your migraine-impoverished mind!
So, would you like chili, chili, or chili?

Anonymous said...

What a cruel slice of culinary trickery. I would have opted for either creamed chipped beef or creamed hamburger over the biscuits. Mmmmmm biscuits, I miss eating biscuits.

Aisby said...

Biscuits - good
Chili - good
chili on biscuits - I don't think so

Anonymous said...

For the record: we had crescent rolls with our chili and we didn't make janna eat her chili over the crescent rolls.

Be good, or next time you get Onion Stew!

Anonymous said...

Onion Stew is delish!
Every year My dad asks me what I want for Christmas. I always ask for the same thing...
A Mustang convertible.

I never get it

Anonymous said...

Matt-man: Aw, go on and have a biscuit.
Aisby: I agree!
Morgen: You left out the part about how Lee wouldn't let me put butter on my crescent roll...
CincyDiva: LOL! :)

Janna said...

Oops! That last "anonymous" post was from ME, guys... Blogger didn't seem to think I'd signed in!

Kyle said...

I think Chili and Biscuits would be fantastic. Or chili, with Biscuits and Honey on the side. I totally heart biscuits. Not as big of a fan of the Crescent rolls though. I also am a HUGE fan of French Onion Soup.. I don't know if Onion soup is different..or if they are calling it "Freedom Onion Soup" but if they are all one in the same..I love it!

Janna said...

"Freedom-Onion" soup... LOL!!!