Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nonsensical muttering and a totally unrelated picture

Hello, everyone!
I'm sitting here at Morgen's desk at The Wren's Nest, typing away on the wonderful laptop that is about a zillion times better than any computer I will ever own. Morgen just commented that since this is HIS computer, hitting the "add photo" button will result in my being able to sort from HIS photos. So, just for the heck of it, I browsed and found a cute guy picture that has absolutely nothing to do with anything in this entire post. But hey, it's a picture, and it's Morgen's, and I'm stealing it. Cheers! :)
For lunch we had Mexican from this new place in town called "Natalie's". I had a steak chimichanga. It was good, especially after being drenched in yummy hot sauce. Mmmm.
It's almost 5:30, and I see that it's already starting to get dark outside. Pretty soon I'll begin the 2-hour drive home... by the time I get back to Litchfield it will certainly be pitch black out there.
Random thoughts for today:
1) Still craving lime sherbet with cherry sundae topping. Still haven't had any.
2) I wonder how many people still have Halloween candy left over.
3) There's a relaxing water fountain near the front of the store, and I love the gentle sound it makes, just like a bubbling brook.
4) Since I have no social life, my evening activities will consist of Mexican farts during the drive home.
Have a nice day.


STAK said... just blogged all over Morgen's computer.........

Cincy Diva said...

For the love of the Gods! Please soemone get this woman some lime sherbet w/cherry topping! Can't you see she's in dire straits!
Hope that works.

Aisby said...

I still have Halloween candy!

There's a fountain at our City Hall and I go there to pay my bill instead of mailing it in just so the kids and I can sit and look at it.

Make sure you make a full clean sweep with the window to rid the car of the odor.

Christine said...

For heaven's sake, break down and go get the lime sherbet with cherry sundae topping! You only live once!

My daughter still has Halloween candy left.

Wish I were there with you guys, listening to the water fountain in Mo's store~!

Matt-Man said...

If need be you can blame your Mexican farts on El Perro...Ole'

Morgiana Le Fey said...

mexican farts, eh? well, i could tell you a story involving eating 2/3 a bag of jalapeno krunchers, and the consequent 45 minutes stuck on the toilet after making dinner for kyle and another of our friends, but that just might be in bad taste. maybe.

Annelisa said...

cute guy looks familiar?

Are you pregnant? What's this with the "lime sherbet with cherry sundae topping"?

Janna said...

Stak: And it's not even my first time!

CincyDiva: LOL. Yes, maybe we should start a collection for the "Feed Janna's Cravings" fund. :)

Aisby: Aren't fountains wonderful?
Christine: I promise I will break down and buy it one of these days, as soon as I find the cherry topping.

Matt-man: The problem is, I don't HAVE an "el perro" to blame the farts on. I do have three "el gatos" though, so maybe that'll work.

Morgian: Sounds like you have a future blog topic to tell us about there...

Annelisa: ACCGGHH! NO, not pregnant. Perish the thought!! Yikes.