Monday, November 13, 2006


Thank you, to those of you who responded to my post about berries.
Onionboy mentioned that he has a black berry tree in his back yard, which got me (and Morgen and Christine) wondering if he actually has mulberries instead of blackberries. The berries I mentioned before grow on shrubs. Mulberries grow on trees. Here are some pictures.
The house I grew up in had a mulberry tree in the back yard, so these sorta bring back memories. I remember the berries were ok; not as exciting as raspberries, blueberries, or black raspberries, but still worth picking at least once a year. (assuming you could find ones that didn't have bird poop on them).
Onionboy says he substitutes them for raspberries in recipes. Ehh, I guess maybe in a pinch they could substitute, though in my opinion they wouldn't be nearly as good. Plus there's a tiny tough little stem that remains attached to the top of the berry; you'd have to make sure you trimmed it off before using it in any recipes. And they're not as sweet as raspberries, so y'might have to use more sugar.
More power to ya, though, Onionboy. Keep cooking. More guys need to learn how to enjoy cooking. Back in the ancient days it was considered just a "woman's job". These days more men have come to their senses. Especially the men we've allowed to stay alive, instead of the ones who were found dumped in alleys (with 'crucial' body parts missing) after they uttered phrases like "that's women's work."
But I digress.


Morgen said...

We've got several mulberry trees here at bird sanctuary central, but those aforementined birds get the goods first. I've yet to have a single mulberry from our trees here.
Growing up, there was a HUGE (biggest I've ever seen) mulberry tree right across the road from the end of our driveway. Some years, the road would by dyed purple there were sooo many mulberries squished in the road. From that tree (and its ubiquitous offspring -- that's the one problem about mulberries -- the birds scatter the seeds everywhere and they are quite viable little weedies) we used to enjoy lots of mulberries when I was growing up.
But you're right: not nearly as good as raspberries or black raspberries. And the birds can have the blackberries, in my opinion. The ones here are chock full of seeds, and not very tasty.

The ice cream I mentioned before is called Marion County Black Raspberry from the ice cream place in South Haven.

Cincy Diva said...

My Grandma used to have a cabin in Ft Recovery Ohio. In the woods around her were tons of blackberries and gooseberries. Gooseberries are very sour but make a lovely jelly

Janna said...

Morgen: I think the ice cream place in South Haven was called "Sherman's", am I right?
Cincydiva: I love gooseberries too!

onionboy said...

not one, but several. they are trees and probably mulberries. it's actually kind of odd. the two that overhang the deck have black berries, the ones in the far corners of the yard can be red or black, the one on the north fence is so pale i'd just call 'em white. i've never eaten one of those, but the cardinals like 'em. mostly the deer jump the fence and eat the others.