Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Random Things About Janna

39) I have anywhere from 1-4 migraines per month.
40) I can't keep houseplants alive.
41) I have no idea how to use jumper cables.


Aisby said...

Janna, those migraines suck. Mine come randomly, I may go months without one and then have 6 or more in one month...crazy.

I love using jumper cables. There is something about using jumper cables and power tools that make me feel very powerful. I know, I'm just odd.

Morgiana Le Fey said...

janna, next week kyle and i will give you a demonstration on how to use jumper cables. it'll put hair on yer chest and make ya feel more like a woman, i tell you whut.

Morgen said...

Maybe you could stick a housplant in your bra and hook the jumper cables up to your ears the next time you have a migraine -- I'll bet the headache is gone in an instant.
And the plant will be warm.

Christine said...

Sorry to hear about the headaches~ I hear if you chew a feverfew leaf once a month, you won't get them, anymore.
I never tried that, so I can't attest to it.
I suffer from migraines sometimes, when the weekend hits and I put down my guard!
Anyway, I heard it a doctor's office waiting room that Excedrin Migraine works best.