Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Janna rattles on and on about the weather

These past couple days it's been reasonably warm, for pre-winter. Temperatures in the 50's and 60's, even. Yesterday before band rehearsal I saw someone actually wearing shorts. (!!) How many of you climatologically-spoiled California/Florida people would wear shorts outside when it's 50-60 degrees?
Yet, here in Michigan, we're grateful for this November 'heat wave'.
Tonight, though, all that is supposed to change.
It's getting colder, down into the 40's. It's even raining out there now, which reminds me of the old Guns & Roses song "Cold November Rain."
Wow. Sounds like it's really pouring down hard.
Tomorrow's overnight 'low' is supposed to be around 28 degrees.
I bet nobody will be wearing shorts then.


Aisby said...

It was 80 here today and no one wore shorts!!

Matt-Man said...

Ah yes, the weather here has been quite enjoyable for this time of year, but I am ready for some snow!!

Morgen said...

Ack! The S word!
Yes, even I (yes, moi!) am looking forward to a bit of the white stuff after our "heat wave"
We're supposed to get 4" tonight, and possibly another 4" tomorrow ~ which actually would be perfect, because the Christmas Parade is tomorrow night! It will look like a white Christmas! Ho Ho HO
Hope that brings out some shoppers.
Today is chilly cold & rainy -- no one's outside today!

By the way, my Thursday 13 is up @
Purrchance To Dream
-- a special Jazper edition!