Monday, November 27, 2006

Introducing my virtual pets

As you can see in my sidebar, I now have two virtual pets.
Aren't they cute?
There's a blue fish named Bruce and a green tiger cub named Wizziker.
See the little cylindrical thing next to Bruce's tank? That's a container of fish food! You can drag it up to the top of the tank and then click to shake food out.
See the little button next to Wizziker that says "more"? Click on that and a T-bone steak will appear. Drag that around to play with Wizziker, and when you click, he'll take a bite of the steak. Oh, and if you hold the mouse button down and pet him, he'll PURR!
Is that cute or what?
Yeah, yeah, we could be using computers to cure diseases and stop nuclear wars, but this is a lot more fun.


Morgen said...

I've never seen the fishie before.
I just fed him.
The tiger kitty (love the name!) just had a very nice steak and then purred for me!
Now I'm hungrrry.
Oh, the big size tea sounds yummy -- I was at Meijers yesterday, and they had the 12 packs of Snapple (my secret ice tea addiction) for HALF price! Gulp gulp gulp.
So, were your anipets named already, or did you get to name them???
Jazper is sleeping right now, or I'm sure he'd send a big Hello to Honeynut!

Janna said...

Morgen: I got to pick out the pets' names and colors. Somehow the fish just looked like a "Bruce"! :) And I made up the name Wizziker.
Aren't they cute? :)

onionboy said...

don't you ever feed bruce? he was so hungry.

i have a kitten named chicago on my myspace, one of my dance friends has a puppy, and that's how i found out.

Janna said...

Onionboy: I feed Bruce every time I visit my blog... he never seems to get "full", does he? He'll eat everything you give him, and won't go belly-up at all! :)
Chicago sounds fun. Where's your MySpace?

Janna said...

Oops! Sorry, onionboy, if I'd bothered to read your sidebar more closely, I'd have noticed sooner that you post the link to your MySpace right there!
My bad.
Anyway, I visited the page, and saw Chicago the kitten. He/She is adorable :)

Aisby said...

Why can't I see these??

Morgiana Le Fey said...

your tiger totally ate my cursor.

Janna said...

Aisby: Do you have flash-player installed? That might be the reason... I think you need Flash to be able to see these.
....? Just a guess....
Sorry you can't see them.
They're cute! I swear! :)