Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Happiness in Blog-Land

I spent much of the day working on this new blog layout, attaching labels to each post. See the "labels" section in the sidebar? What a great idea!
This means that now, for example, if you want to refresh your memory about all the "Random Things About Janna," you just click on that label in the list... and voila!
I am so glad I was able to download Firefox and switch to beta so I can indulge in all these neat little things!!


Morgen said...

You're so cute --- just a mere 48 hours or so ago, you were cursing the Beta. And now you're a Betazoid!

Welcome to the darkside, young padawingdingdinger.


Darth Mo-Beta

Janna said...

I know I used to hate beta, back in the olden days when none of my browsers would support it... Now that I finally got my computer to actually download Firefox, I can welcome the dark side with open arms.
Now let's go taunt some Jedi.