Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Firefox and Blogging

So far, Firefox has frozen up on me once, in the two days I've had it.
Hopefully, that one time was a rarity (instead of an ominous foreshadowing).
All in all, I've been happy with the new browser and its ability to let me use Blogger-Beta.
Its lets me preview new templates (which Explorer and Netscape didn't allow), and it lets me edit posts without freezing up the moment I hit the "Publish Post" button. (Netscape was notorious for that).
I just want to be able to continue blogging!
There would be a huge empty crater in my life if blogdom suddenly vanished.
Morgen will certainly laugh when he hears me say that; he undoubtedly remembers the old days when I wasn't interested in starting a blog at all.
Oh, how times change!


Morgen said...

Yes, I will give you credit: you are certainly open to change once I nag you enough about it....
Glad you have a blog (and glad you're now a co-blog addict!) and glad you switched to the Beta and enjoy being Betazoid.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Cincy Diva said...

I think we are all glad you have a blog and doubly glad you have Photoshop
I would like to see Mo as the Coo Coo for Coco Puffs Bird or the TRix Rabbit
Have a great weekend!

Word Verification Hplyr- having more hips
Janna is hplyr than Morgen