Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Random Blurfings

New idea for blog: Random Blurfings.
I'll keep hitting Blogger's "Next Blog" button until I find one that's
(B) At least reasonably interesting.
(C) From someone I don't already know.
I'll include a link to either the entire blog or just one particular post I liked. It may not be a recent post; it may be from way back in January 2005....
And, as with the "Random Things About Janna" lists, the frequency and length of this feature will be totally random.
By the way, I love the word "Blurfing"... it sounds so awful, like a mix of barfing and burping, but actually it's just Blog-Surfing! Another term (which I heard on NPR, of all places) is "Blurker". It's the blog equivalent of a mailing list "lurker"... someone who reads what other people are saying but never (or rarely) comments.
So, without further ado, here's our first Random Blurfing. It's from the blog "Secular Front", which mostly deals with political topics. The reason I simply HAD to share it with you, though, was THIS POST, which is great. It's called "Liquid Fish". And ohhhh, my goodness.... If you've ever had neighbors you absolutely hated, or if you've ever been frustrated with the hypocrisy of some organized religions, or if you've ever accidentally left something perishable out of the fridge for a few days, this story is a must-read. Check it out.


Christine said...

Janna, I just popped over from Mo's sight, per his suggestion, to tell you thanks for the mo-nipulated images, this month!
Quite the highlight of my day, every day!

Christine said...

The world is full of blurkers....

Anonymous said...

LOL Christine -- mo-nipulated.
GREAT word!!!!

smile Janna --- somebody is thinking of you.
That someone, of course, is ME


Anonymous said...

I love this idea. Once I get my computer I home. I may borrow it. Have a great Samhain at Morgen's and Lee's!