Monday, October 30, 2006

Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos

World Premiere: Janna is about to try a new flavor of Doritos for the very first time.

It's "Blazin' Buffalo & Ranch" flavor. I got the small 99-cent size bag, just in case I end up hating them.
A few thoughts before I open the bag:
*I'm not a big fan of Ranch Dressing. It's one of those "mayonnaise-based" things I try to avoid. Once in a great while I don't mind ranch-flavored chips, though.
* I love hot sauce and any "buffalo" sauce. I love buffalo wings, especially if they're boneless. It's a real pain in the keister to have to gnaw around a bunch of little bones just to get an ounce of actual chicken meat. So boneless is way better. I love hot wings drenched in buffalo sauce, but I am NOT one of those people who then dips the hot wings in ranch sauce. (Ick).
So, this thing could go either way.
Either I'll say "Yum! Buffalo saucy goodness!"
Or I'll say "Ick! Disgusting raunchy ranch!"
Ready? Find a comfy seat and take a deep breath.... here we go...
(sound of bag crinkling as it's opened....)
(sound of crunching as Janna takes a bite and begins chewing....)
Well, they don't taste like ranch dressing OR buffalo sauce.
They remind me a lot of the 'nacho cheese' Doritos, with maybe just a teensy bit more heat. Not much.
Not very remarkable. Not awful, but nothing I'd ever really crave.
I like them enough to go ahead and finish the little 99-cent bag, but I doubt if I'll ever buy them again after that.
Thank you all for attending this World Premiere of "Janna Trying A New Flavor Of Doritos".
You may now return to your regularly-scheduled lives.


Anonymous said...

I saw these in Felpausch for the first time this morning.
Glad I passed.
I stuck with Cool Ranch Doritos instead!

(the grab bag you gave me yesterday left me with a Doritos hankering!)

They must be like Poppit -- you can't pop just one!

Aisby said...

I love buffalo anything and I love ranch dressing, but when you try to concoct some powdered substance from the two and put it on a perfectly good Dorito, you're bound to end up with a failure.

Anonymous said...

Tried these... they are utterly disgusting.