Saturday, September 30, 2006

Today's random thoughts

1) Some people have their Christmas lights up already!  C'mon, people; it's not even October yet!
2) I got a lot of cleaning done this morning and am totally exhausted.  I think a nap is in my near future.
3) I have a "Froogle" wishlist now!  I mean, I don't expect to ever actually receive anything from it, but still, it was fun to make.  I plan to add more things to it the next time I'm bored with life.  Here's the URL:
4) Our October-3rd band concert was cancelled because we just didn't have the music ready in time.  This is kind of a bummer, yet also a relief.  Our next concert will probably be in mid-to-late December.
5) Suddenly I'm craving Mexican food....


Anonymous said...

hey there -- want to come to the store to visit sometime this week?
bring Jack and we'll take some Halloween pics for you!
and, I can show you how to do a hypertext link!
maybe even lure you over to the Dark Side..... mmmmmwwwwhhhhhaaaaahaaaaahaaaa
Δ ~mo

Janna said...

Alas, I am exceedingly poor and need gas money!