Friday, September 15, 2006

Ten Things One Should Not Do In The Shower

1) Fix a Toaster
2) Drop the soap
3) Look up while inhaling
4) Tap-dance
5) Eat a sandwich
6) Check e-mail
7) Read books
8) Juggle Ginsu-knives
9) Play violin
10) Wear suede


Kyle said...

1) Fix a Toaster(obvious, do you know someone who has tried this?)
2) Drop the soap(depends on who you are talking to honey)
3) Look up while inhaling(This was a personal experience wasn't it :-P )
4) Tap-dance(what about the Charleston?)
5) Eat a sandwich(ahh, but if you hang your head out..and keep an arm out..this can be accomplished....and I recommend being severely inebriated)
6) Check e-mail(not unless you have one of thse plastic covers on your keyboard)
7) Read books(no comment)
8) Juggle Ginsu-knives(not unless you want a circumcision...OUCH! Lohiem!)
9) Play violin(although the timbre of the wet strings((that sounds naughty for some reason)) might be a new experience. If the instrument is shouldn't affect it TOO much right?)
10) Wear suede(AMEN! Can you say Chaffing? I knew you could)

livingjetlag said...

Very good advice x 10. Tried to post it in my own shower, but it got all runny. Here are more:

Drive or operate heavy machinery; pass Go; reproduce or rebroadcast any portion of this program without the express written consent of the New York Mets and Major League Baseball; touch the glass, approach the glass, or give Mr Lechter ANYTHING; bring a Gremlin in with you, and/or feed him if it's after midnight; open a packet of Pop Rocks; try out your new humidifier, or dehumidifier; plunge a slow drain; fajitas; appreciate the fine water pressure and cute little soaps at the Bates Motel

Vinnie G. said...

Hey, dropping the soap can actually be kinda fun. . . I mean, uh, well. ..ahem. . .