Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Subway's "Cajun Blackened Steak"

Today I decided to try the new Subway "Cajun Blackened Steak".
It's tasty but not really all that spicy. (I know, you're all shocked to hear me say that.)
At first I was leery about trying it, because Subway steak items usually have onions grilled in with them, and I can't stand onions. So I asked the employee-lady about it, and was pleasantly surprised to hear that the Cajun Blackened Steak does not have anything else grilled with it. She also added that the item is "really spicy."
"Great!" I said. "Let's try that, then."
"You know it's really spicy, right?" She repeated.
"The hotter the better," I replied, trying to keep from rolling my eyes. All too often, another person's wimpy idea of "really spicy" is actually weak and pathetically plain when I give it a try.
The sub was tasty enough, as far as the steak went. It looks hotter than it really is, since it's encrusted with what appear to be a plethora of hot spices. Blah. Not hot. But still decent enough if you're simply in the mood for plain steak on a bun.

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Anonymous said...

why don't you carry around a bottle of Hot Sauce in your purse?
or maybe have Lee make a holster, so you can whip out your 6.0 (on the hot pepper scale) and blast your food into inedible (by mere mortals who still have taste buds) infernosity?

I bought some Buffalo Wing sauce the other day at the store (I tried to remember the name --- sweet baby ray's I think) Lee tasted it and about gagged --- he said "janna will love this". I poured a bunch on my chicken & rice (Lee said, after I finished "do you still have a stomach lining left?")
I think you'll like it (it's hot) but it won't measure up to your infernosity standards.

ps --- this week's trip to Meijers, they had Jay's Hot Chips.