Thursday, September 14, 2006

Random List of Ten Things I Did NOT Do Today:

1) Watch sports
2) Run around naked in the front yard
3) Buy a plane ticket to Jamaica4) Get pregnant
5) Chew on aluminum foil
6) Drink poison7) Agree with George Bush
8) Build a time machine
9) Visit relatives
10) Spontaneously combust


Matt-Man said...

How strange...I did all of those things...well, except for Number 7. If that ever happens, kill me...please.

Morgen said...

that is so weird: I was thinking about spontaneous human combustion in the shower this morning. I thought I smelled smoke and that got me thinking that spontaneously combusting must be a helluva way to die.

I also agree w/Matt-man. Other than the "english should be the primary language in 'merica" thing, if I ever agree with dubya, you have permission to set me on fire.

STAK said...

i didn't get pregnant today either........and i'm pissed about it.......i've been trying ever so hard......and tracy beat me to i'm just tryin to "keep up with the joneses as it were"......

kyle said...

1. I don't watch sports..unless they make porn an olympic event(burns what..250 calories? but what about the caloric INtake? Did they figure that too?)

2. More people should do this. I heart naked people. I don't know why..but it's always been a fascination for me...not for myself to be naked..but I like neked peeps.

3. would LOVE to go to Jamaica man! But still trying to get to Ethiopia to visit Chris.

4. Pete and I keep trying..but to no avail. :-( I like babies.

5. OOH...I don't chew it..but I use it to smoke my hookah. TOtally unrelated..but whateve.

6. I drank 2 mugs of Guiness(from a CAN! new experience..dont' think I liked it NEARLY as much) and a can of something called Steele reserve that is supposed to get you drunk really quick...damn my high alcohol tolerance.

7. commenting on this might be redundant.

8. I just don't remember how to plug it in! Damn non european adapters!

9. I called my grandmother..

10. Well...certain parts of me may have..:-P