Monday, September 11, 2006

Let's hear it for chilly and dismal!

Today is a perfectly lovely day out there.
And by "perfectly lovely," I mean it's wonderfully chilly and gray and rainy. Temps in the mid-60's. This is MY kind of weather. Keep it cool! It's like "God's Air Conditioning." (For those of us who don't have or can't afford the man-made version.) I almost decided to take the camera out to another cemetery, but instead I think I'll curl up indoors with a comfy blanket and a nice book. And a purring cat. And maybe some tea.
It's supposed to get colder as the evening progresses, with the possibility of more rain.
I think of that, and there is a smile of contentment on my face.
Everyone out there, brew a pot of tea and join me. (Matt-man, you can spike yours with some WIR if you want to.)

1 comment:

Morgen said...

I agree this is good weather to curl up with tea, book & kitty.
I'm just about to do that, myself.
Lee is downstairs listening to the cpt jack soundtrack while he paints.

I'm chuckling at you addressing Matt-man: you do know that one of the symptoms of Blogitis is when you address people you've met in the Blogosphere in your posts? LOL

what flavor tea you havin' tonight? I think I'm doing something citrusy.

did I tell you I got in HotAppleCider Limited Edition Republic instock? I haven't tried it yet, but Matt (the soy candle guy, not our Wild Irish blog-friend) bought some the day I put it out, and he says YUM.