Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You're as old as you feel....??

One question before I leave for band rehearsal:
Do you feel older or younger than your chronological age?
I'm 36.
Physically, I feel about 65. (aches and pains, etc).
Emotionally, I feel about 21. (young-at-heart, whimsical, spontaneous...?)
So, let's see, if I average the two together, (86/2) that means I'm 'really' 43.
How about the rest of you?


Christine said...

I feel like an Ancient Child!

But yesterday, for the first time, someone realized I wasn't a teenager when I got up-close to them. The spaz didn't start till they found out I wasn't in my 20s.
So, I've aged! :D

Physically, I feel pretty darn good~ knock wood.

Julie said...

My spirit...50+ yrs.

My body...40 yrs.

My face...16 yrs.

My true age...27 yrs.