Saturday, August 26, 2006

New format

Morgen loaned me a really neat book, called Publishing A Blog With Blogger, and I read through some of it. I figured out how to change my blog's banner-- changing it from a plain white box to a neat picture I made.
Ironically, I made the picture about a week ago, for exactly this purpose; I just couldn't figure out how the heck to make the HTML recognize it as my banner background.
Now, thanks to Morgen and his book, I think I've figured it out-- whether or not I actually understand it is another matter completely. :)
Does it show up ok on your computer?


Kyle said...

it rocks! Je l'aime.

Morgen said...

It looks great --- but how DARE you switch your site before we figure out what the *&% went wrong with my Bestest Graphic!!!!
No, seriously, it does look great.
You rock.

Julie said...

Yes! Looks great on Firefox on a Mac!