Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Imagine! Janna actually fits in somewhere!

I play french horn in a community band here, called the Hillsdale Community Wind Ensemble. Our first rehearsal of the fall season is tonight! I'm looking forward to it!
French Horn is a fun instrument, and I've been playing it since I was twelve. I played it all through high school and college. (I even majored in music... yeahhh, lot of job opportunities THERE...)
After band, a group of us always goes to hang out at this Italian restaurant in Hillsdale, called Cavoni's. I call it our ABC Group (After Band, Cavoni's...) We have a lot of fun and can get pretty wild sometimes with our jokes and songs and laughter. Since I've never been much of a social person, it amazes me that I fit so well into this group.


Morgen said...

if it's a "wind ensemble" how come you play a brass intstrument in it?????????????????????

is it just 'cuz yer full o' wind?

Janna said...

Brass instruments ARE in the category of 'wind instruments'.
A wind instrument is any instument you have to blow into to make sound. That includes brass.
You're maybe confusing it with WOODwind instuments, which is the stuff like flute, clarinet, sax, bassoon....?
Brass and Woodwinds are both subcategories of 'wind' instruments.
Thus endeth the music lesson for today... that'll be twenty bucks, please... :)

Janna said...

By the way, the SHORT answer to that is "Yes, it's just 'cuz I'm full o' wind." :)

Morgen said...

you know I was just yankin' your chain (and NO that is NOT the same as pullin' your finger!!!!!)

Kyle said...

I would say that you fit in amazingly. We always notice a difference when you aren't there(the few times you haven't been), your comments are always appreciated and your sense of humor is always a wonderful addition. I am 100% confident that we all agree that your presence has been a very welcome one since you started staying after the mass consumption of food.

Just thought you should know.

oh..and we MUST get you drunk again. Too many of us missed out. Would you ever be opposed to a gathering of people in Lansing?

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes. The ABC group. Let's see... I believe the comment was something to the effect of, "Wow! These people even make ME feel normal." And a good time was had by all....