Sunday, August 13, 2006

I Never Thought This Would Ever Happen!

So, it's come to this!
Me, Janna, the one person on the planet who I never thought would ever have a blog... and here I am, typing along with all the rest of you.
Hello! I really have no idea what I'm doing here!
I love to keep journals, but I'm more of the "pen and paper" type.
This blog is a result of peer pressure (LOL), from my friends who know I love to write. They've been saying "So, when are you going to start a blog?" And after eons of vacillating, on a whim I decided that today is the day.
More about me later-- right now I'm going to root around this BLOGGER thing and see what kind of stuff I can discover.
Stay tuned!


ana said...

Hey!Guess what I'm new to and I'm a writer see my blog at butterfly
We also have so much in comen

Morgen said...

Hello! As a peer-pressurer, I am happy to see you enter the blogosphere, however un-willing. Or it that un-witting?
Thanks for the link to my site -- I shall add yours today!
Welcome to Blogger!
And I'm not even your first commenter -- how cool is that?

Vinnie G. said...

Welcome! Glad you could join us out here.