Monday, August 14, 2006

Here I am again!
Netscape has frozen up on me once so far today, and Explorer has crashed once, so we're one-to-one. (Or 'zero for two', depending on how you look at it). I'm using Netscape right now, so I can hopefully post a picture here in a few moments.
Much to my surprise, I've become really excited about this whole blog-thing, and during a moment of insomnia last night I actually wrote down a list of "Possible Blog Topics." (written with a fountain pen, of course).

If you're a reader of Morgen Pittman's "It's a Blog Eat Blog World", you know that I really like the movie Pirates Of The Caribbean. Before that movie, I really didn't know too much about Johnny Depp, except perhaps a vague memory of 21 Jump Street, which I didn't watch very much. But the Pirates movie, ahh. I love the character of Jack Sparrow. The bizarre quirkiness, the eccentric charm, the humor.
Lovably strange! (Which are two words I hope apply to me as well.)

Next thing: I've seen a new flavor of Pepsi advertised, called "Strawberries & Cream". Now, the jury's still out on whether that's a totally disgusting flavor or not. I admit it strikes me as peculiar, which is precisely why I wanted to try it. Here's the problem, though: I can't find it in any form except "DIET". Uggckhhh! I despise diet pop because it invariably tastes like a chemical swamp. (Why drink drain cleaner when you can have it carbonated and cola-flavored instead?) I know, sugar is not the healthiest substance on the planet, but it is certainly better for you than the freakazoid chemical nastiness found in diet sodas.
Thus my dilemma: I want to try this new Pepsi, but I absolutely refuse to drink diet pop. Yet all the stores I've gone to ONLY have it available in diet. ??? What's going on? Certainly Pepsi wouldn't be so foolish as to only release their new product in diet, would they? Have any of you seen this product available in the regular (sugar-laden) version?


Morgen said...

How can you talk about the crazy yumminess of Johnny Depp and the crazy yukkiness of Strawberry & Blech Pepsi in the same post?!? Don't make me turn you in to the Blog Police!!!

By the way: the link to One More Raindrop is up on It's A Blog Eat Blog World!!!

Janna said...

Maybe the Pepsi would taste better if it was poured ONTO Johnny Depp...