Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Blogaholics Anonymous

Ok, I admit it.
I'm hooked.
Here I am, only three measly days into this blogging thing, and I'm typing away like a maniac.
Who would have thought it'd be this much fun?
Even with the whole computer-crashing nastiness, I still have to say this is pretty cool.

Random thoughts:

1) I'm pleased to announce that the temperatures are supposed to get down into the forties tonight! How wonderful! I'm so glad! I hate summer. Anything above 70 is too warm for my tastes. Anything above 80 is downright miserable, and anything above 90... well, let's just not go there. These heat waves really get to me, especially since I don't have air conditioning. So these beautifully chilly nights are terrific. My comfort zone is between 40 and 65 degrees.

2) I live in a pretty small village surrounded by lots of rural space. There are a number of Amish farms around here, and it's a common sight to see their horse & buggies going down the road. Earlier this afternoon while I was at the market, I saw a horse & buggy parked there, hitched up to the post. Soon an Amish gentleman exited the store with his three children, carrying a few bags of groceries. I got a kick out of how the horse patiently waited for them, as if she had any other choice. :)

3) Gas prices have been pretty bad here, though I suppose they're worse in other parts of the country, like California. Last week they were up to $3.19 in Jonesville (about ten miles away from where I live in Litchfield). Today, Jonesville prices are down to $3.11, but Litchfield is all the way down to $2.85! What a difference! 26 cents! So if you fill up in Litchfield instead of Jonesville, you save over a dollar for every 4 gallons. Four dollars with sixteen gallons. Wow.
Why such a huge difference, only ten miles apart?

4) Maybe it would be cheaper to get a horse and buggy.

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Morgen said...

Love how I made a 'toon appearance at 1am!!! You know I was SO asleep then!!! Must've been my dream-apparition self talking to you!!!
keep on bloggin' ♥ ~mo