Thursday, August 17, 2006

"Blog As If No One's Reading"

There's an old saying that goes something like this: "Sing like no one's listening, dance like no one's watching, and love like you've never been hurt."
I like the idea and its implications with pursuits like this: "Blog as if no one's reading."
Interesting concept!
I mean, I have one of those site-meter thingies which tell me I'm getting some hits-- including visits from really cool places like Peru, Switzerland, Spain, and the United Kingdom, plus a few cities in the U.S. as well. So I know other human beings have seen my blog at least once. For all I know, though, it could be an embarrassing accident where someone clicked on the wrong link. Someone could've meant, for example, to click on "Bestest Blog In All Of Peru," and then when the screen came up, they said "Crap! Who the hell is Janna?" ...and then wasted no time in hitting the "go back" button to get the hell out of there.
This would explain the conspicuous absence of comments from Peruvian readers. :) (or Swiss readers, or Spanish, or British/Scottish/Irish.)
Many months ago when Morgen began his blog, I'd hear him say occasionally how he wished he had more comments from his readers. Now that I have a blog of my own, I really understand where he's coming from. The anonymity is nice, but once in awhile y'just want to tap the microphone a few times and say "Hello, hello? Is this thing on?"
He also politely made a point of thanking me when I left comments, so let me take a moment to THANK the few of you who really have been reading my words-- and especially those of you who took the time to leave comments. Julie, Christine, D, VinnieG, Morgen... thank you.
I wonder, if I adopted the philosophy of "Blog as if no one's reading," would my writing suffer (due to lack of accountability) or flourish (due to lack of inhibition)?


Morgen said...

Hey -- you've gotten several people to read your blog quicker than I did -- it takes time.
One of the best ways to get readership is to do link exchanges with other sites. I see you have Bitter Cup Of Joe in your link roll, but what about Christine's Ephiphany Sanctuary, and Julie's Flip This Body? Another couple I think you should visit regularly & do a link exchange with is The Weight Of The Word, and Bag Wine Ruminations (find 'em on my hot blogs roll).
Plus, go to The Bestest Blog Of All-Time (access thru my links) and send Bobby Griffin an e-mail. (I think, don't hold me to it) and ask him to add your link to his Bestest Blogs. You have to have his link on your site first, so go add it He gets over a thousand hits PER DAY on his site, and Julie, VinnieG, and I are all listed on his site. I wouldn't have found half my readers without Bobby G. (Plus, I just found out I'm gonna get to be a Guest Blogger at Bestest Blog on August 30th -- how excited am I ?!?!? !!!! :)
I have other ideas to increase your readership, if ya want, just let me know!
♥ ~mo mo

Morgen said...

Hi, don't forget to add Julie's Flip This Body & Christine's Ephiphany Sanctuary to your list of blog-links!
And have you contacted BobbyG yet? I know he's caught up from vacation, so he probably could add your link @ Bestest Blog pretty quick!
just tryin' to get ya out there in the Blogosphere!
~ mo mo