Friday, January 30, 2015

The Dark Alleys Of Trivia Crack

While spending so much time off my feet (either in bed or sitting at a table), relying on the inanimate mercy of my pain meds and looking forward to my next doctor appointment, I have gotten totally hooked on Trivia Crack (on Facebook). This surprises me because I'm absolutely terrible at Trivial Pursuit, yet Trivia Crack is do-able.

It irritates me when weird bugs happen (like the question being marked wrong as soon as the screen comes up, without even giving me the chance to click on anything-- for a question I knew the answer to-- especially when this happens at a particularly crucial moment in a 5-5 game when the person then goes on to beat me), but for the most part I like Trivia Crack.

I finished last week at the top of the board and it looks like this week will be the same. So far this week I've answered 1,290 questions right, and am aiming for 1,400 before the weekend's up. Pretty cool, huh?

My favorite thing is that the opponents can be random strangers, which kinda softens the blow if I lose. It's easier to brush off a loss to a stranger because I can just shrug and reassure myself that I'll never "see" them again.

Example: "Meh. I lost. Oh well. Maybe I'll win the next one, especially if I have these cookies over here."

With friends, I've noticed that it's different.
I've begun noticing that I take it WAY more personally than I should.

Example 1:
"You just beat [insert friend's name here]! Congratulations, now you can breathe. You will be permitted to live another day. Enjoy the oxygen... for now."

Example 2:
"You just lost to [insert friend's name here]! What were you thinking? This will haunt you forever, even during traffic jams and migraines and moments on the toilet after too much Taco Bell. [Friend] has now lost 12% of their respect for you and will be significantly less likely to donate any kidneys or trapezoids or cookies you might be needing any time soon. The shame has permeated the room and cannot be dispelled by Febreze. (Much like the Taco Bell). Wanna play again?"

So, once this "round" is over, I think I'm going to spend the rest of the time insituting a "Random Opponents Only" policy.

No offense to any of you; it's just that I need the reassurance of knowing that I'll never have to actually meet these people and will never have to explain why I honestly have no clue who played for what team in what year and ran eighty thousand touchdowns in 2003 while wearing blue and gold with a rabid three-legged skunk on the helmet. 'Cause, ohmygoodness, who even pays attention to stuff like that, right?
You might even say it's... "Trivial".  ;)

So keep those kidneys and trapezoids and cookies warm and ready for me, ok?

I don't anticipate needing extra kidneys anytime soon, so you might want to focus on the other two first.