Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Update... in case any of you wondered how it went

Oooookay. For any of you who read my angst-filled ankle post and wondered how the doctor appointment went, here's the update.

They saw how miserable I was, and they listened to everything I said.
The first step was x-rays. (Both feet, plus right ankle).

I just left the hospital a few hours ago.

The front desk saw me struggling on my two canes and immediately made sure I had somebody to take me to the x-ray room in a wheelchair.
X-rays were a bit awkward but they went all right, I guess.
When they were done, they wheelchaired me back to the front entrance, and I hobbled back to the car with my canes.

The doctor realized that my previous anti-inflammatory medication wasn't working at all, so she called in a prescription for something different.
(I haven't picked it up yet; it isn't ready. Believe me, I'm anxious to try it out.)

The next step is to wait for the x-ray results.
If my problem involves muscle instead of bone, I'll need to have an MRI.
If that's the case, I'll have to drive down to Indiana for the special "Open MRI" I used last year. (The place where they found the enchondroma tumor in my left fibula).

For now, I guess I'm content to wait and see what they say.
I'll get my new pain meds (as soon as they're ready) and take them while it all gets figured out.

I'll keep basking in the glow of free public WiFi, and hobbling with at least one cane to get my free refills. This way I can keep posting updates for those of you who actually read down this far.

If you see me there, please come over and say hi.
Bonus points if you bring cookies.


nonamedufus said...

You may have thought of this yourself but if you didn't DON'T DRIVE!!!

Janna said...

nonamedufus: Sadly, I HAVE to drive. I'm single and I live alone; there's no other way for me to get anywhere.