Sunday, November 30, 2014

Because I'm just that helpful...

Today while sitting in my favorite spot at McDonalds, simultaneously drinking in the free WiFi along with a magnificent beverage, I was approached by a guy from one of the nearby tables.

"Can I ask you a question?"  He said.

"I... guess so," I answered, hoping it wouldn't have anything to do with trigonometry or ebola.

He wanted to know how to get online; he and his wife were trying to use the WiFi but were having trouble connecting.  I explained the process as well as I could, and he went back to sitting with his wife.

Awhile later, he got up to go to the bathroom.  My table is right next to the bathrooms.
When he came out, I considered asking him if he was able to get the WiFi to work. 

I ended up not asking.

It dawned on me that when you're a guy coming out of the bathroom, the last thing you want to hear is a stranger asking "So, did you get it to work all right?"


Shawn said...

Maybe that's your opportunity to return the favour and ask him if he wants you to get it to work all right.

Marcia said...

Really enjoying your MacD's posts. I think you've found your niche!

Shawn said...


nonamedufus said...

Did you tell him to give them your name and he'd get a good seat?

Janna said...

Shawn: His wife won't mind at all, right?

Marcia: Thank you! I enjoy my McNiche.

Shawn: Wow, you beat me to it...

nonamedufus: If I wanted it to be even more awkward, I could bring inflatable bath toys with me...

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