Thursday, December 26, 2013

No partridges and no pear trees!

Five sentences that have absolutely nothing to do with elves or presents:

1. Who ate all the cheese dip?

2. Wait, I think this has vodka in it.

3. Look, I don't know what color this was when you put it into the fridge, but it's green now.

4. Why's the toilet plugged up again?

5. I'm going to bed.


Yay!  Since I don't celebrate Christmas, I actually had a nice quiet peaceful day at home by myself.  It was relaxing and pleasantly uneventful.
I hope the rest of you are just as content with your holiday choices.
If you're so stressed out you're ready to stab the nearest person with a tree-shaped cookie, I can send you some happy thoughts and perhaps a few stray cat hairs I just found on my clothes.
It won't help, but at least my clothes will be that much cleaner.

Have a lovely weekend, all of you! :)


Marcia said...

You rebel!!
I'm trying to work up the nerve to totally ignore a major holiday; maybe start small, like Valentine's Day and 4th of July and work up to the bigger ones.
Hope your new year will be a good one.

Janna said...

Marcia: I'm great at ignoring both those holidays too. ;) Thanks for calling me a rebel. It's fun to be a rebel while sitting in a bathrobe covered with cat hair. Not quite the same as the black-leather-jacket rebels, but hey; we all have to start somewhere.
Have a good weekend and a good year. :)

Grace said...

No shopping for me during Boxing day but today we will start, smiles ~ Sounds like a good and quiet day ~ Enjoy your weekend ~

Mary said...

Oh no, something GREEN in the refrigerator is a bit frightening indeed!

G-Man said...

Eating something green ain't bad, it's the hair growing out of the green thats nasty!
You can always bury it in a jar, and then serve it as Korean food!
Loved your Rotten 55
Thanks for playing, at least you do not have any Holiday decorations to take down.
Have a Kick Ass New Year Janna..G

Unknown said...

G has a point, noundecorating. Lucky you :)

Janna said...

Grace: One of these days I need to learn what Boxing Day is. I've been curious.

Mary: Salsa verde and lime jello are usually not frightening. Unless they're mixed together.

G-Man: Korean food... LOL!

Nara: Yay!