Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Weird dreams

I just finished writing about weird dreams yesterday, and last night I had two that really qualify.
Dream #1: I was an undercover spy at a Japanese high school. Apparently I was young enough to pass as one of the students. I still didn't LOOK Japanese, but apparently no one questioned that! I had various 'missions' and 'targets'. (Insert Japanese "Mission Impossible" Theme here) I remember staking people out on rooftops, track fields, classrooms.... One or two of the students (who, now that I think about it, looked way too old to be high-school students themselves) became my nemesis. Now and then I would meet with my superiors, having strategic meetings where I would receive my assignment. ("Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to go to gym...")
Dream #2: This one was really disturbing. My mother had a heart attack and died right in front of me. She was wrapping a perm in her beauty salon, and I could see her hands shaking. She commented that she wasn't feeling so well. The next thing I knew, she fell to the floor. I couldn't revive her. I tried CPR, mouth-to-mouth, everything I could think of. I called for help but no one would answer. I tried calling my dad but got a wrong number. Meanwhile Mom died and I woke up, quite shaken.
The reason Dream #2 really hit home is that Mom HAS collapsed at work before, right after a moment of being shaky and "not feeling so well." We were able to revive her then, and took her to the hospital, and they "couldn't find anything wrong." (Which doesn't necessarily mean nothing was wrong; they just couldn't find it). The hospital we took her to was the CLOSEST but definitely NOT THE BEST. In fact, it has a reputation for being one of the worst in the area. So part of me has always wondered if they missed something.
Anyway, those were my dreams.
Now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to go visit my mother, just to be sure...
"Hi, Mom! You'll never guess what I dreamed last night!"


Anonymous said...

Oooh, dream #2 was too close to home.
I hope your mom is okay.
Let me know.

What's up with the Japanese school? Going to do a Manga version of the Jannaverse???

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Anonymous said...

You were trying to targe Oren-Ishi weren't you?! :-P