Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Janna tries iced tea for the first time in about 30 years

I love hot tea.
A good steaming cup of hot herbal tea is wonderfully comforting.
I like pretty much any kind of hot tea.
But I've never really been a fan of iced tea.
I remember hating it as a kid, just because I thought it tasted weird compared to sweeter things like cola. But I didn't like hot tea back then either, which lately has made me wonder:
Since I've learned to love hot tea, could I also learn to love iced tea?
I got the idea when I was looking through a catalog Morgen gave me, from The Republic Of Tea. They have an amazing variety of teas there, both the hot-brewable kind and the pre-bottled kind ready to pop in the fridge.
I've decided I'd love to give iced tea another chance.
In the absence of any chilled Republic Of Tea items, I went to the store and found some spiffy-looking stuff from Lipton. It's chilled "Fresh-brewed Green Tea", with flavors of orange and passionfruit. (see picture). And here's a brief article about it too.
So here we go, I'm about to open up the bottle. Are you all on the edge of your seats?
.......(dramatic pause)...........
..... sip.... gulp....
Hmmm! Hey, I like it! Really!
I could get used to this!
It's good!


Anonymous said...

The white tea with nectarine tastes just like peach schnapps!

glad you found some cool new beverage choices!

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend the 23oz Arizona Ginseng Green Tea with Lemon(for only 99 cents!). I recommend most of the Arizona Tea products. Their Southern sweet tea is good, Their Herbal Tonic(ginseng, sugar all masked with the great flavor of Mango and papaya to get you tweaked in the morning) is to die for. I don't recommend their sweeter products like fruit punch or the grapeade. But their tea is good. I still can't buy the large's a visual textural issue..the container makes it look all syruppy and nasty..just can't take it. But the cans are cheap..they stay colder for longer than plastic bottles..and are plenty refreshing. But I also am a Tea Fanatic.