Thursday, September 28, 2006

Random List of Ten Things I Did NOT Do Today

1) Run over a squirrel
2) Use public bathroom
3) Run for public office
4) Drink vodka
5) Wear purple
6) Learn German
7) Become a Republican
8) See a hurricane
9) Get a tattoo
10) Run over a Republican who was running for public office but didn't see me coming because he was too busy drinking vodka after he stumbled out of the public restroom with the German word for "hurricane" tattoed on his rear... in purple.

P.S. in case you're curious, the German word for hurricane is orkan.


Anonymous said...

now how did you know about orkan?
I like your lists -- maybe you should do a daily list like you do on your letters to Lee? like location of the mythic tomato, candle scent of the day, dead celebrity of the day, etc. each day's list could be different.

Random item in Janna's home: an empty bottle of laundry soap.

Just an idea ~ ciao for now ~ mo

Schmoop said...

Who knew that the Orkin Bug Man was a German Hurricane?

At least you did your good deed for the day by putting a repub out of commission...

Janna said...

Morgen: I found an online German-English dictionary.

Matt-man: Yes, but the only problem is, that's a list of things I DIDN'T do today! So the repubs are still out there!

Schmoop said...

I wasnt thinking, was I? Too Much Rose perhaps...