Friday, December 18, 2009

Beware of the special frosting

He was right, as always; she was wrong, as usual.
Her apology came in the form of a freshly baked cake. He ate three pieces.
Soon afterward, he felt the familiar ominous gurglings.
"Did that have..." he gasped.
"Oh, I'm sorry," she said with an unapologetic smirk. "I guess I 'forgot' you were lactose intolerant."


G-Man said...

Remind me to stay on your good side Janna...:P

Excellent 55 My Dear.
Thanks for playing on such a serious note today.
You Rock The Winter Wonderland Baby!
Have a Kick Ass Holiday....G

G-Man said...

I'm First?

Hot DAMN!!!!!

smarmoofus said...

Oh, that is cruel! *tries not to admire the woman* Great 55. hehe

Thanks for your visit. :)

Mojo said...

Ya know... there's a reason you're single. That was just cold.

I'm sure he deserved it though.

The sphincter.

Marla said...

Pure evil genius, Janna!

Janna said...

G-Man: LOL! Congrats on being first. :)

Smarmoofus: Hee! :) No lactose was harmed in the making of this post. :)

Mojo: LOL! No, there are a whole bunch of other reasons why I'm still single. :) I promise this is just fiction, and is not something I would ever ever ever do.
Hopefully. :)

Marla: Hee! :)

Felicitas said...

LOL! He had it coming!

Janna said...

Felicitas: Probably! :)

Monkey Man said...

As usual, you hit my humor sweet spot. Love this. My 55 is HERE.

Alice Audrey said...

Ahh, sweet revenge.

Brian Miller said...

yikes! lol. great 55. reminds me of a man at work who got tired of people stealing his lunch...brought in a dog food sandwich then emailed everyone in the one ever stole his lunch again.

thanks for th chuckles. mine is up!

inappropriatesue said...

He totally deserved it! :) Thanks for visiting mine.

Hootin' Anni said...

You go girl!!!!!

MY 55 is all about snow suits and the urge....come see HERE


Susan at Stony River said...

OMG, my marriage summed up in 55 words. Heh heh heh. Get him!

clean and crazy said...

great job!! how many times i have wanted to be mean like that, great 55, my thoughts exactly!! merry christmas!!

Ed said...

I'm work intolerant. I swell up at the mere sight of a meeting...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it - well done

Janna said...

Monkey Man: Glad I hit the sweet spot today. I try.

Alice Audrey: Indeed!

Brian: Dog food??!!! OMG! Wow... gross, yet probably the perfect way to make the point! I wonder if the thief ended up barfing when they learned the truth!

Susan Anderson: And thank YOU for visiting!

Hootin'Anni: I think it's been at least three decades since I wore a snowsuit... wow... now I feel old.

Susan at Stony River: You can bake the next thing, if you want... how do brownies sound?

Clean and Crazy: I'm not really this mean; this is just fiction. Really! I promise. :)

VE: Work? Who said anything about work? (Hey, wait... did you mean to leave this on the previous post?) (It's ok. Here. Have a piece of cake.)

Grace: Thank you! :)

Larry said...

Writes self note
Never take a piece of cake when offered. I liked your Flash 55always have. Gosh I hope that is good enough to never be offered a piece of cake. Look forward to reading you again next week.

Marine Life

Janna said...

Larry: LOL! It's ok. You're safe, for two different reasons: (1) I'm really not that mean. (2) I never bake cakes from scratch anyway. :)

Mike said...

hehehe! I love a little payback!

Janna said...

Otin: Especially payback with frosting on top. :)

MikeWJ at Too Many Mornings said...

That's wicked hard.

I like it.

Janna said...

MikeWJ: I promise it's fiction. :)